Turkey Has a $190 Million Ghost Town Filled With Castles

Located halfway between Istanbul and Ankara, the empty town of Burj al Babas consists of hundreds of almost identical castles in various states of completion. Developers meant for these uniform villas to be luxury vacation homes for wealthy tourists when they began construction in 2014. However, when the company went bankrupt in 2018, investors pulled out of the deal, which put construction on hold. The development cost a cool $200 million to build, but instead of a grandiose retreat, Burj al Babas has become a ghost town. Workers completed 587 of the 732 planned buildings. There were also plans to build movie theaters, sports facilities, and Turkish baths. Sarot Property Group says they only need to sell 100 villas to pay off their debt, but so far there have been no takers. In the meantime, the beautiful castles sit in the rolling hills of Turkey like elegant ladies in waiting.