This $1,650-a-Month New York Apartment Has a Shower In The Kitchen

At first glance, this studio apartment in New York City might seem like a perfect find. First of all, it’s located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which is known to be one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city. Secondly, it has a relatively reasonable (for New York) price tag of $1,650 a month. However, there’s one thing that could make or break this deal, and that one thing is a…….um……..shower in the kitchen. The description of the listing is hilarious, managing to capture the vibe of the apartment in a perfect way — “Luxuries or weird? Kitchen or bathroom vibes? You decide!” Even though social media users were weirded out by the whole thing, the apartment actually got scooped up within two weeks of being listed. Apparently, the showering while cooking dinner thing wasn’t such a big turn-off after all.