There’s a Town in the UK That Publicly Weighs Its Mayor

You wouldn’t think what the mayor weighs would be an issue in most towns, but in High Wycombe it’s a big deal. In fact, it’s the only town in the world where the mayor and all of his officers are weighed every year. When it was first introduced in 1678, the Mayor Weigh-In was used as a real tool to measure corruption by checking to see if the mayor was getting fat off the taxpayers’ money. At its inception, the mayor was, in fact, corrupt. Today, the Mayor Weigh-In is just a symbolic act. At the beginning of every mayor’s term, their weight is taken publicly by men in period dress, using a scale from the 1700s. That weight is recorded, and kept for the next year, when the mayor is once again weighed in front of a crowd. This time though, a town crier announces whether the weight has gone up, down or stayed the same. So far, no mayor has been booted from office for being overweight.