The World's Only Underwater Post Office

Over the past few years, the U.S. Postal Service has struggled to make ends meet — often being referred to as being “underwater.” There’s one place on earth where using the words underwater and post office are commonplace. Located in the South Pacific about 1,100 miles east of Australia, is tiny island of Vanuatu is easy to miss. Like most inhabited places on earth, if you want to send a letter from Vanuatu, you just need to put a stamp on an envelope and take it to the post office. In Vanuatu, that requires breaking out your diving gear. That’s because the island's post office is literally underwater. The “Underwater Post” — as it’s officially called — is situated at the resort location of Hideaway island and is mostly a tourist attraction. It sits in around nine feet of water and both divers and snorkelers are able to post special “waterproof postcards” that are canceled/embossed by the postal staff. Instead of being stamped with ink to show that the card has been sent, the post office has developed a new embossed device. The hours of operation vary daily, and unlike most postal services, bad weather can most definitely shut down Underwater Post. The post offices raises a flag to signify when it’s open, and if they’re closed you can’t drop off your mail. Just remember, mail posted at the Underwater Post may smell a bit fishy.