The Unusual Names Sherpas Give Their Children

Naming a child is one of the first responsibilities of parents, one that's agreed upon by both with much deliberation and debate — and rightly so. Your name can have a good many influences on your life. In this daunting task, some parents succeed while others fail miserably, but nobody has it easy…….well, except maybe the Sherpas of the Himalayas. Naming Sherpa kids is as easy as figuring out the day of the week, literally and figuratively. That's because Sherpas name their children after the day on which they were born. So, basically the only choices you have are Nima (Sunday), Dawa (Monday), Mingma (Tuesday), Lhakpa (Wednesday), Phurba (Thursday), Pasang (Friday), or Pemba (Saturday). Days of the week aren’t the only way names are chosen. Sherpas also use a variety of virtues: Courage, Merit, Wisdom, etc. In a society where figuring out which Pasang is being referred to involves physical descriptions and a list of accomplishments, it can be tougher than climbing Mount Everest to establish a personal brand.