The Experiment That Proved Beauty Is In the Eye Of the Beholder

In 2017, two Scottish teenagers purchased a pineapple for £1 ($1.28) at a supermarket and passed it off as art at their university. Ruairi Gray and Lloyd Jack — both students at the Robert Gordon University in Scotland — left the fruit in the middle of an art exhibit, hoping it would be mistaken for art. When they returned four days later, they found that the pineapple had been put inside its own glass display case. Apparently, no one at the university wanted to own up to the mistake. It’s a bit of a mystery because the glass was heavy enough that it would have taken 2-3 people to move it. Natalie Kerr, a cultural assistant for the art exhibit, said although she wasn’t the one who included the fruit as artwork — since she’s allergic to pineapple — she decided to leave it on display because of the playful spirit of the students who left it.