Sorry, My Cat Is a Kleptomanic…..

A cat thief is on the loose in Metairie, Louisiana. No, there isn’t someone stealing cats — it’s the cat who’s doing the stealing. Apparently, Heather Bardi’s family cat, Admiral Galacticat, got a little tired of his owners being around the house all the time during quarantine, so he started asking to be let out. Soon, however, something funny began to happen. The more Admiral Galacticat stayed outside, the more clothing appeared on the Bardi’s front porch — underwear, tank tops, you name it. Eventually, Heather started wondering whether her cat had something to do with it. Looking for answers, she checked the security cam footage and wouldn’t you know…….Admiral Galacticat was bringing home people’s laundry. Heather decided to get the items back to their rightful owners, so she posted pictures of all the evidence in a local Facebook group and explained how the culprit organized the entire operation. The hilarious story perfectly proves just how independent cats really are and that the washing machine or the dryer isn’t necessarily guilty when your socks go missing.