People Who Pick Up Accents Easily Are Nicer People

Have you ever noticed that some people pick up accents very easily? Ten minutes in New York and an Australian voice is already adopting the American drawl. Traipsing around London, they might find themselves starting to articulate the ends of their words in a more precise way. It’s called “The Chameleon Effect” — when we subconsciously copy someone else. Human beings are constantly imitating each other, copying everything from facial expressions and mannerisms to posture. Researchers have found that we also have the capacity to imitate accents. The theory behind The Chameleon Effect is that we do it to build rapport and empathy. The better you are at building empathy, the more likely you are to mimic. In fact, people who pick up accents easily are just nicer people. The study also showed that some people are better at tuning into the sounds, stress and intonation of the other language, which is a function of “musicality.” That leaves us with this — If you’re one of those people who can pick up accents quicker than you can buy a baguette in Paris, you’re probably not only a nice person, but you can probably hold a note as well.