People Who Have No Inner Monologue

Have you ever thought about how you think? Do you tell yourself, "Don't forget the milk" before you leave home and then when you get home without it at the end of the day, you say to yourself, "How could I have been so stupid?" Is there a constant "talking to self" throughout the day? If so, you’re perfectly normal. That little voice you hear in your head is commonly referred to as the “inner monologue,” but not everybody has it. So, if you have no inner monologue, should you be worried? Not really. Studies show that some individuals never experience it at all, while others only experience it occasionally. For people without an inner monologue, information comes in a different way. For example, if someone were to say the word, ‘dog’ to you, your mind would likely do one of three things — picture a canine of some sort, see the word itself, or hear a voice saying “dog.” For those without inner monologue, they simply hear a dog barking. In the end, no matter what our innate preference for mental processing is, each of us has a way that works for us.