One Actor From “The Godfather” Was Actually the Member of a Mob Family

In Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather — the world’s most famous film about mobsters — there was actually a real-life mobster. When the Italian-American Civil Rights League got word of the film, they basically threatened the movie’s existence. They made sure the word “mafia” was never used in the movie and made it clear that the League was going to be present during the film’s production. When Francis Ford Coppola met Lenny Montana, the tough 320-pound, 6’6″ former professional wrestler was working as an enforcer on the set. Coppola thought Montana would be perfect for the role of hitman Luca Brasi and offered him the part. Although the role wasn’t that big and Montana didn’t see much screen time, it led to a career as a mob character in a variety of movies and television shows.