More Than 2 Million Americans Still Pay For An AOL Dial-Up Subscription

If you’re over the age of 30, you might feel a pang of nostalgia anytime someone mentions AOL. The company, which provided dial-up service to millions of Americans in the ‘90s, reigned supreme in the early days of the internet but was eventually eclipsed by the likes of Gmail and Comcast. You may be surprised to learn that AOL Mail still exists and that 2.1 million people are still using and paying for AOL’s dial-up service. Although it was the introduction to online life for an entire generation, AOL was just on the wrong side of technology history. Broadband Internet access, which was largely provided by cable companies, replaced dial-up, and AOL just couldn’t compete. A study of those still using dial-up revealed that the bulk of the remaining users are women ages 35-64, who have a high school diploma, are spiritual but not religious, tend to be politically middle of the road, and are in a 10+-year relationship and have children. Though you might not have an AOL account anymore, it’s likely you'll never forget the sound that signaled a user logging on, or the iconic "You’ve got mail," which is forever immortalized in the 1998 Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan classic romantic comedy.