Kids Playing at Museum Break World’s Largest Glass-Blown Sculpture

Spanish glassblower Miguel Arribas spent around 500 hours making the world’s largest glass-blown sculpture — a whimsical castle fashioned after Cinderella’s castle — but it took just a fraction of a second for two kids to ruin it. The record-setting masterpiece was created using around 500,000 glass loops and featured spires made of 24K gold. Weighing 132 pounds, it was made up of approximately 30,000 individual parts and was valued at approximately $65,000. At the Shanghai Museum of Glass, the piece was broken after two children accidentally knocked it down while playing inside the museum. The fall caused the main spire to shatter and caused different degrees of damage to other sections. The museum contacted Arribas about attempting to repair the sculpture, but due to travel restrictions, he is unable to travel to China. The children’s parents have apologized for the incident and promised to take responsibility for the repairs.