How One Man Survived 20 Venomous Snake Bites

Throughout the course of his snake-handling career, Bill Haast received hundreds of snake bites and 20 of them nearly killed him. For a normal man, these near-fatal experiences may have meant inevitable death, but Haast managed to survive. In 1948, Haast started injecting highly-diluted cobra venom into his body every week, eventually adding over 30 different types of venom into the mix in order to become immune. He even donated his blood to help other snakebite victims — 21 to be exact. Haast, however, was not immune to all snake bites. In 1989, he was bitten by a Pakistani pit viper. The White House was able to get a serum out of Iran to treat him and he survived. Ironically, Haast lived to be 100, finally succumbing to the inevitable natural causes.