Emus Banned From Australian Hotel Pub for Bad Behavior

A pair of emus have been banned from an Australian hotel for “bad behavior” after they learned to climb the steps. The two emus — Kevin and Carol — were hatched and raised in the small town in Queensland after their nest of eggs was found abandoned and have become a tourist draw in the area. Recently, however, they started getting cocky, climbing the front steps of the Yaraka Hotel & Pub, and stealing everything from food and drinks to car keys. That’s when the hotel started posting signs, telling customers that the large Australian birds “have been banned from this establishment for bad behavior” and asking the humans to “let yourself in through the emu barrier,” a rope system. The pair still hang around each gate, hoping they’ll be able to slip in when someone opens it up, but so far the pub is winning the war. While adorable, the emus have sharp beaks, which can become dangerous.