Dog Owner Builds a “Doggie-Vator” Stairlift For Her Elderly Pugs

Spending time in quarantine has made many people much more creative than they ever were before. Social media is filled with ideas people have come up with for solving problems they didn’t even know they had. Some of the most creative things we’ve seen are those involving building things to meet specific needs. One woman from New Orleans saw a problem and came up with an ingenious idea for solving it. Sonya Karimi has four dogs — three elderly Pugs that have mobility issues and a Boston Bulldog. She decided to use her stay-at-home time to build them a stairlift that she named the Doggie-Vator. Sonya is actually an occupational therapist, so she’s well aware of how helpful stairlifts are for people who have trouble negotiating stairs. Sonya built the masterpiece with the help of her fiancé Zach and his parents. Fortunately, the pups adapted to the Doggie-Vator very quickly, and now even Boston Bulldog prefers using it.