Woman Explains How To De-Fog Your Headlights With Just 2 Items

Just like anything you own, your car can look a little worse for wear after a while, and while a good vacuum and car wash now and then can help, there are some things that aren’t so easily remedied. One of them is foggy headlights. If you’re like most people, chances are you're ignoring them. Now, you don’t have to, thanks to a tip from an Australian woman who was fed up with foggy headlights. She explained that all you need to de-fog them is toothpaste, baking powder, and a little elbow grease. She combined toothpaste and baking powder to make a paste and then, using a paper towel, applied it to her headlights. She says you need to really work it onto the headlights, rubbing thoroughly. Why toothpaste? Apparently, it contains a mild abrasive that can easily buff away the rough texture of a surface, leaving it much smoother — and your headlights clear. People on social media have tried it and say it works better than anything they’ve tried in the past. When you think of the cost of headlight replacement or professional restoration, the cost of toothpaste and baking powder is a small price to pay for clear headlights.