What Happened to JFK's Assassination Car?

We’ve all seen the footage of President John F. Kennedy in the gleaming dark blue limousine, smiling and waving at the crowd before shots rang out in Dealey Plaza and history changed forever. Whatever happened to the limo? After Kennedy’s assassination, the 1961 Lincoln Continental limo was shipped back to Washington, DC, where it was inspected by investigators for weeks before being released to the White House. There, employees were given instructions to do whatever was necessary to remove all traces of blood from the car. The first thing they did after cleaning was to install a permanent roof with bulletproof glass all through it. They also added armor plates to the doors and put on flat-proof tires. However, Lyndon B. Johnson was reluctant to use it. Not wanting anyone to recognize his presidential limo as being “that” limo, he had it painted black. The vehicle was returned to service and used by presidents Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Carter. In 1977, it was retired and taken to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.