There's Only One Problem With Ontario's New License Plates — You Can't Read Them

When the Canadian province of Ontario unveiled its new license plate design, people immediately started comparing to a box of Q-tips. The plates also had a new slogan — "A Place to Grow” — which drew the ire of some critics, who preferred the previous "Yours to Discover," which the plates had sported since 1982. Then there was the palette. Observers noticed that the new plates had the same blue color scheme as the Progressive Conservative Party. However, the real problems began once the plates went into use. The biggest complaint — they’re totally unreadable from a distance at night. People began questioning whether those who designed the plate consulted the police before they came up with the design. Journalists at Toronto's CTV network wanted to see whether they could re-create the problem, so they shined a light on the new and old plates while slowly moving away. In their video, the old plate remains plainly legible, while the letters on the new one quickly disappear into a blaze of white. While the government says they tested the plates prior to issuing them, they now have said they’re looking into the problem.