The Story of the Five Hitmen

What started out as a simple murder-for-hire scheme landed a Chinese man and five would-be hitmen in prison. Tan Youhui wanted to eliminate a business rival named Wei, so he hired Xi Guangan for $282,600 to kill Wei. Xi pocketed half the money and used the other half to hire Mo Tianxiang to kill Wei for $141,300. Mo then kept some of the money, but offered the job to Yang Kangsheng. Mo was to pay Yang $38,100 up front and an additional $70,000 once the deed was done. Once again, the job was passed to another. This time, Yang offered to pay Yang Guangsheng $28,200 up front and another $70,000 once Wei was dead. By the time the job reached Ling Xiansi, the payout had dwindled down to $14,100. Ling ultimately chickened out, but instead of hiring another hitman, he contacted Wei and spilled the beans. The pair agreed to fake Wei’s death and send photos up the chain of command until it reached Tan. In the meantime, Wei reported the whole thing to police, who then arrested Tan and the five hitmen, charging them with solicitation to commit murder. They were all found guilty and the hitmen were sentenced to 2-4 years, while Tan, the mastermind, received a 5-year sentence.