Romanian Cobbler Keeps People Apart With Size 75 Shoes

In mid-May, soon after a 2-month lockdown to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus eased in Romania, shoemaker Grigore Lup noticed that people weren't respecting the rules of social distancing. That’s when he came up with the idea of long-nosed leather shoes to help keep people apart. The shoes come in a European size 75. Lup, who’s been making shoes for 39 years, figured if two people wearing these shoes were facing each other, there would be almost six feet between them. While he also sells ready-made shoes, Lup’s shop relies heavily on custom orders from theaters and opera houses across the country, as well as from folk dance ensembles. His so-called “social distancing shoes” take him about two days to make, which requires almost one square foot of leather and cost $115 a pair. So far, he has received five orders for the shoes.