Former K-Mart Employee Makes Time Capsule of Muzak

In the wreckage of a corporation whose days were numbered, Mark Davis inadvertently created an extremely valuable time capsule, allowing people to understand how mundane shopping music used to be. The 42-year-old worked at K-Mart in Naperville, Illinois, until is demolition. When he realized that he had 56 cassette tapes with a collection of the store’s background music from 1989 to 1993, he decided to digitize the tunes. Now, he’s made a public collection for anyone to enjoy. Ripped from its proper time and place, the music is as haunting as some of the abandoned K-Mart stores that are still standing. Davis says he’s astounded by the interest the collection has garnered. As for his ambitions following the sudden publicity, he says he would love to see a documentary about K-Mart. He believes it’s worth talking about the time in history when K-Mart was in their last days of a “ma and pa” operation, before Walmart stepped in and everything changed. Don’t look for the collection to be a soundtrack of a Saturday night in Los Angeles or New York. It’s the soundtrack of somebody’s Wednesday afternoon in the Midwest, a slice of mundane life that helps us understand what would otherwise have been forgotten. You can check it out for yourself here.