Double-Decker Seating: The Future of Flying

When it comes to the future of flying, design firms are getting creative. With more people looking to stay socially distant on flights, companies are coming up with a variety of solutions, including dividers between seats and even a bubble. While they may all work, one firm is presenting an idea that will not only allow people to distance during flights, but will also give passengers in economy class a chance to enjoy lie-flat seats. Known as the Zephyr Seat, the product could one day allow for double-decker-style seating, which means two people will share a row — one on top of the other — similar to a bunk-bed setup. The upper seats will come with a telescopic ladder so guests can climb in with ease. Each seat will also feature a drop-down footwell to allow for more personal space and multiple sleeping positions, which is great news for anyone who likes to toss and turn. It is estimated that it will take three years to perfect the seat and perform all the required safety tests.