Clever Uses for Coffee Filters That Have Nothing to Do with Coffee

There are lots of trendy ways to make coffee these days — from French presses to pour-over stainless steel filters. Maybe you’re old school and use a percolator. Whatever you use, it’s likely you have a ton of coffee filters on hand to make sure you’re never without that morning cup of Joe. However, did you know that coffee filters can be used for a lot more than just making coffee? Here are some favorite uses for coffee filters that might just surprise you.

DRY GLASSWARE — Because of the quality of paper used to make coffee filters, they don't leave any lint or smears behind. This makes them perfect to fully dry off your glassware without a trace.

ODOR CONTROL — To make the perfect deodorizing sachet, put baking soda in a coffee filter and twist it closed using rubber bands or a tight string. You can put the sachet in smelly shoes, odorous drawers, or a smelly refrigerator. Add a few drops of essential oils and it will emit your favorite scent for a longer time than commercial deodorizers.

MAKESHIFT DRYER SHEETS — Some essential oil drops on a coffee filter will do the same thing as a commercial dryer sheet.

CLEAN STAINLESS STEEL — Because coffee filters won’t leave behind lint or residue, they’re great for polishing stainless steel.

GLASSES CLEANER — The next time you clean your glasses, try using a coffee filter instead of a tissue. Good quality coffee filters are made of 100% virgin paper, so you can use them on your glasses without leaving lint behind.

COVER FOOD IN THE MICROWAVE — Coffee filters are microwave safe. Use them to cover bowls or dishes to prevent splatter when cooking or baking in your microwave. PREVENT

SOIL LEAKAGE — When you’re repotting a plant, line the pot with a coffee filter to keep the soil from leaving out through the drain hole.

COLD COMPRESS — Soak a few filters in brewed tea or cold water and chill in your freezer. Fold the filter up to make a cold compress to tame a headache or puffy eyes. SERVE

SNACKS - DISH-FREE — A basket filter becomes a perfect makeshift bowl for popcorn, candy, chips, and other movie night favorites.

KEEP SKILLETS RUST-FREE — Prolong the life of your good cast-iron cookware by putting a coffee filter in them when they’re not in use. The filter will absorb moisture and prevent rusting.

Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020

Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020

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