Chances Are You’ve Never Heard of This Animal

It’s rare to come across an animal you’ve never heard about before, and the False Zokor is one of those that most people didn’t know existed. The False Zokor is a species of rodent that's found in China and Russia. It lives a very secretive life, spending all of its time underground where it zips through its intricate maze-like burrows. For this reason, very little is known about its behavior. It’s about 7-10 inches in length, with a gray or cream-colored velvety coat. Though it appears to be blind, it's not. It just relies more on its well-developed senses of smell and hearing to navigate its dark habitat. The False Zokor is built to dig with large claws (up to an inch long) that it uses much like shovels to clear a path in the dirt. It has a reputation for being rather hostile and will bite if messed with, and by the looks of its teeth, you’re going to know you’ve been bitten.