Celebrity Chefs Everyone Hates Working With

Anyone who’s ever had a job has probably come across at least one co-worker who’s difficult to work with. While the cooking industry might seem more exciting than a regular 9-to-5 job, the restaurant business is also filled with difficult colleagues. Celebrity chefs in particular can be difficult to work with, and some are impossible on the sets of their shows. Here are some of the most notoriously difficult to work with celebrity chefs on the cooking scene.

Guy Fieri might be one of the most notoriously impossible people to work with in any industry, let alone the cooking business. David Page, the creator of the Fieri-hosted show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, said that working with Fieri was a nightmare. Page revealed that Fieri is prone to making tasteless jokes, but that’s the least of the things that makes him an unsavory college. Fieri was reportedly unable to look women in the eyes. “When cutting the show, I had to tell the editors to watch Guy’s eye line, because it was always on their breasts,” said Page.

Gordon Ramsay should be an obvious choice on the list of difficult chefs. Anyone who’s seen any of his shows knows that he has an abrasive personality. It turns out, however, that he really is a jerk. According to allegations brought against Ramsay by former employees, he is prone to profanity-laced rants — as seen on Hell’s Kitchen time and time again. One former protege compared working with Ramsay to being in prison. Ramsay has been sued by former employees on more than one occasion. Ramsay’s lack of respect for his co-workers isn’t something he even tries to hide. When asked what the hardest part of cooking is, Ramsay responded, “The idiots I have to work with!”

Paula Deen's infamous use of the "N word" cost the chef her reputation, but using the racial slur isn't her worst offense by a long shot. She also has a history of treating her employees unfairly, reportedly not paying some of them except in beer. Deen also allegedly took advantage of Dora Charles, a cook who worked with Deen at the start of her career and created many of the recipes used in Deen's restaurants. Deen claimed that Charles was her friend, and promised to bring her along with her when she made it big. Contrary to her promise to make Charles rich, however, Deen continued to pay her loyal employee just $10 an hour, even after she became a Food Network star.

It's safe to say that if your employees band together to file a lawsuit against you, you're probably a real pain to work with. That's what happened to celeb chef Geoffrey Zakarian, after more than 150 former employees at his restaurant, Country, filed a class action lawsuit against the chef and his management firm. The allegations? Zakarian not only reportedly failed to properly compensate workers for overtime hours, but went so far as to falsify pay records and to dock money for staff meals that the staff never even received.

Bobby Flay, like fellow celeb chef Geoffrey Zakarian, was sued by employees for failing to compensate employees for overtime back in 2009. Flay wasn't just accused of not compensating his employees for working overtime, but he also cheated them out of tips. According to the lawsuit, he also forced his employees to buy and wash their own uniforms. Flay settled the lawsuit out of court in 2010.

……and the pièce de résistance — Joe Bastianich, one of the three judges on the cooking competition Masterchef. Described in terms like “cruel,” “petty,” “small-minded,” and “ignorant,” Bastianich is a far cry from his famous mother, chef Lidia Bastianich of the PBS cooking show Lidia’s Italian Table. Described as “the Simon Cowell of the food world,” he said one Masterchef contestant’s rice was “inedibly disgusting,” which is relatively complimentary, coming from Joe Bastianich.