Cantor Fitzgerald Continues Commitment To Help 9/11 Victims’ Families

Cantor Fitzgerald lost 658 employees in the September 11th attacks — nearly a fourth of all the victims. It’s offices were in the North Tower on floors 101-105. On that day, Cantor CEO Howard Lutnick was taking his son Kyle to his first day of kindergarten, and so escaped the fate of some of his employees. On top of grieving the loss of employees and friends to the attack, Lutnick had a decision to make. “We can shut the firm and go to our friends’ funerals — that’s 20 funerals a day every day for 35 days in a row — or we’re gonna work harder than we’ve ever worked before and we’re going to give 25% of everything we make to these families.” Lutnik delivered on that promise, distributing more than $180 million to the families of the victims. That wasn’t his only vow. He also offered a job to every single child of the Cantor Fitzgerald employees who lost their lives. Today, there are 57 children of employees who died on 9/11 who now work at Cantor Fitzgerald in Midtown Manhattan.