Can You Solve the Brain Teaser Elon Musk Asked in Job Interviews For SpaceX?

It takes a highly intelligent person to land in front of Elon Musk for a job interview, and it takes an even bigger genius to pass his tests. When he was questioning engineers in the running for a SpaceX position, Musk needed a good question that would test a candidate's logic skills.
You’re standing on the surface of the Earth. You walk one mile south, one mile west, and one mile north. You end up exactly where you started. Where are you?
The answer is the North Pole. If you start at the North Pole and go one mile south, then one mile west and finally one mile north, you’ll make a triangular path and end up back at the North Pole, your point of origin. That said, Musk also revealed that he does also inquire about a more standard interview question: “Tell me about some of the most difficult problems you worked on and how you solved them.” So, now you know what Musk might ask you if you were lucky enough to score an interview at one of his companies.