Ancient Chinese Village of Long-Haired Rapunzels

There's an ancient settlement in Huangluo, China, called the "Long Hair Village" and for the women of the village, hair is their most prized possession. They grow their hair up to 6.8 feet​ long and manage to keep it healthy, strong and free of gray well into their old age. They consider their hair so sacred that until recently, no one was allowed to look at a woman’s loose locks except her husband and children. That rule was finally scrapped in the late 1980s, when booming tourism became a major source of income for the village. The women can only cut their hair once in their lives — on their 18th birthday — and the hair is then given to the girl’s grandmother to be made into an ornamental headpiece. If a woman wears a scarf around her head — hiding her hair — it means she's looking for a husband. If she's a married woman with children, she’ll have a bun at the front of her wrapped style. If the hair is wrapped like a round tray on top of her head, it means she's married but has no children.