All-Pet Charter Reunites Owners With Pets Left Behind During COVID-19

An Indian entrepreneur has come up with an ingenious and ultra expensive way to reunite pet owners with the pets they had to leave behind when the COVID-19 lockdown went into effect. Deepika Singh, a cyber security researcher, came up with the idea when she was arranging a jet to fly in some relatives. Some wanted to travel with their pets, but were refused, which caused her to have to book a private plane for them. She realized she couldn’t be the only one to experience this problem, so she teamed up with Accretion Aviation to provide service to owners desperate to get back with their pets. The animals travel in cages because flights typically take several hours, buman caregivers are on each flight to accompany the pampered pets on their journey. Of course, this service doesn’t come cheap. The going rate for reuniting you with your pet is a hefty $2,000. If, however, you’re like most pet owners, that’s a small price to pay to get your pet back.