This Pooch Is Touted As Having the Longest Snout In the World

Borzoi hounds typically have longer snouts than most other dog breeds, but one specimen is getting a lot of attention these days for having the world’s longest snout. Ever since Lily Kambourian posted a photo of her dog Eris' nose from an angle that really showed how incredibly long it is, people have been fascinated by the pup's schnozzle. Lily says that it was quite obvious that Eris had an overbite — a genetic defect — which would rule her out for dog shows, but that didn't matter. It's not just Eris' unusually long snout that has strangers stopping Lily on the street. Eris is also super-friendly. Eris, whose name translates to “fast” in Russian, measures 4 feet 9 inches from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail, with 12.2 inches of that being her nose. Lily says Eris' long snout doesn't bother her, but she certainly never expected it to become her dog’s most popular trait.