This Mask Allows You To Eat Without Removing It

Israeli inventors have developed a coronavirus mask with a remote control mouth that lets restaurant diners eat food without taking it off, a device they say could make a visit to a restaurant less risky. A squeeze of a lever, much like a cyclist operates a handbrake, opens a slot in the front of the mask so that food can pass through. The process could get messy with ice cream or sauces, but more solid morsels can be gobbled up in a flash, just like Pac-Man in the arcade game. Asaf Gitelis, Vice President of Avtipus Patents and Inventions, explained that you can eat and drink, and when you take out the fork, the opening will close and you’ll be protected. The company said it plans to start manufacturing the mask within months and have already submitted a patent. The price will likely be 85¢ to $2.85 higher that the simple blue medical masks.