Not All McDonald’s Are Create Equal

Most people would argue that McDonald’s is known for its menu, not its decor. Since 1962, the Golden Arches in the shape of an M — for McDonald’s — have been the symbol of the iconic fast-food chain. Recently, a Twitter user posted a message about the unique look of the McDonald’s in Baltimore, Maryland, and that started a movement to post the most unusual-looking McDonald’s restaurants around the world. Here are a few of the most novel designs for the home of the Big Mac.

Taupo, New Zealand, actually has seating inside the plane that serves as the local McDonald’s.

McDonald’s near Saint-Lazare train station in Paris, France.

McDonald’s at Freeport, Maine, looks more like a funeral home outside and a retirement home inside than a burger restaurant.

Art Deco can be seen at the McDonald’s in Melbourne, Australia.
The McDonald’s at Independence, Ohio, is often likened to a bank.

Bergen, Norway, has a very unassuming McDonald’s that blends in with the architecture of the city.

The city of Gramado in Brazil has some strict building codes, so the McDonald’s had to be designed to fit in.

Space Age McDonald’s in Cambridgeshire, UK

McDonald’s on the riverfront in St. Louis, Missouri

Lighthouse McDonald’s in Nova Scotia, Canada