Dog Owner Searches For a Replacement Dog But Instead Finds His Dog That Was Stolen

Delon Pearson, 29, was heartbroken when his 8-year-old Akita named Missy was stolen from his front garden in Liverpool, England, last year. The family struggled to come to terms with the theft and after months of heartache started thinking about getting a replacement dog. Pearson browsed the Internet and spotted Missy on the website of Skylor's Animal Rescue in North Wales. The animal rescue had found Missy a few months earlier, abandoned by her abductors and tied up at a car wash in Manchester. She received proper care and was fostered until she could find new owners. At that time she went missing she wasn’t microchipped, so it was impossible to find her original owners. Delon immediately contacted Skylor’s Animal Rescue and after the necessary checks, he was told he could take Missy home the next day. He was thrilled to be reunited with his beloved dog, but he decided to keep it as a surprise to his 8-year-old son Bradley, who grew up alongside the Akita. Even though Delon was told that it might take some time before Missy would adjust, the dog recognized her best friend Bradley and acted like nothing had ever happened. Tail wagging, she sat next to him, and since returning home, she hasn’t left Bradley’s side.