“Concierge Doctors” Charge $10,000 a Month For House Calls

Ultrawealthy and sometimes asymptomatic Americans are using concierge doctors to access COVID-19 tests amid a nationwide shortage. The doctors, whose monthly fees can range up to $10,000, don’t accept insurance, but they can offer coronavirus antibody test results in as little as two hours. Results for the general public normally take days. While some are questioning the ethics of concierge doctors, both the doctors and their wealthy clientele say America’s health care system is dysfunctional, and that patients are healthier operating outside of it. If you have enough money, you can request same-day in-office appointments or house calls, outpatient procedures, or referrals to a specialist. It's estimated that there are 12,000 concierge doctors in operation nationally. Because these doctors work independent of the insurance companies and large hospital systems, they were able to sidestep the government’s sluggish response to crisis and prepare for the pandemic.