Butler Cafes Are the Big Thing In Japan

Butler cafes are a fairly new trend, but there are two popular ones located in Tokyo — the most famous, Swallowtail, and another that’s simply called Butlers Cafe. The basic concept of a butler cafe is to make women feel like a princess. The butlers greet you at the door with "Welcome home, my lady!" and take your coat and carry your bag to your table while making small talk with you. They serve you tea and generally make you feel special. Butlers may even take the time to inform you of the style of the decor and thoroughly describe the items on the menu. English-style afternoon tea is the most commonly-served food at butler cafés, including cakes, scones, sandwiches, and tea served in fine porcelain cups. Men employed as butlers can be as young as 18 or as old as 80 and receive extended training in tea preparation, etiquette, and restaurant service standards. The average cost is $50 for an 80-minute dining experience. Just be aware…….you won’t be allowed to go to the restroom without being accompanied by a butler, who waits patiently outside and walks you back to your table.