An Entire Village in Sweden Is for Sale for $7.2 Million

Lots of people would love a vacation home in Europe — but how about a whole village? Christie’s International Real Estate has announced that the tiny village of Sätra Brunn, in Sala, Sweden, is now for sale. The Swedish village, located about 90 minutes from Stockholm, has a rich, 300-year history and is famous for being a popular spa destination. When he first bought the land in the 1700s, Samuel Skragge built a well, a well house, a bathhouse, a church, a hospital, and housing in order to encourage visitors to come to the village and experience the healing waters for themselves. Today, there are about 70 structures on the land, including a conference center, restaurant, an indoor pool, sauna, and gym, as well as many structures that would make good personal homes when the village is sold. In 2002, the village was sold to a group of entrepreneurs and was run as a spa, as well as a wedding, event, and concert venue. Now that most of the current owners are approaching retirement, they're looking for other people who can take care of the village. The asking price is $7,295,923 and includes the 60 acres of land and an additional 84 acres of undeveloped land.