The Roller Coaster That Disappears Into the Water

If you've ever gazed in amazement at how birds dive down into the water and then gracefully emerge within a mere moment, then you have to check out the Vanish roller coaster in Yokohama, Japan. Opened in 1999, the unusual roller coaster goes on for two minutes on a track that’s 2,440 feet long and reaches 114 feet at one point. The ride isn’t for those who are faint of heart. The pink ride peaks high above the Japanese skyscrapers before plummeting down a near-vertical track. It appears as if the coaster is taking a plunge into the water, with water splashing all around upon the diving impact. In reality, it’s diving down into a tunnel. Inside the underground tunnel, the carriage continues to whiz through as a multicolored light show darts along the walls. Imagine…..all of that excitement for a mere $6.