Woman Goes From a Bobby Pin To a Tennessee Home In 28 Trades

A San Francisco woman who put a single bobby pin up for trade on Craigslist in May 2020 said it took her 28 exchanges and about 1½ years to trade up to a Tennessee home. Demi Skipper, 30, said she was inspired by Kyle McDonald, who executed a similar project in 2006 that began with a red paperclip and ended with a house. Skipper and some of her followers began to lose faith when she traded three tractors for a Chipotle celebrity card — which entitles the holder to free food from the chain — but she managed to then exchange the card for a $40,000 solar-powered trailer, which was the item she traded for the home in Montgomery County, Tenn. Skipper said she and her husband are planning to relocate to Tennessee in January to renovate their new home. She said her trading days aren’t over. She plans to do the same project all over again. “I want to donate the next house I trade to a person who needs it — no rental, no mortgage,” said Skipper.