Why Your Dog Should Never Drink Coffee

Dogs will beg for whatever they see their owners eating or drinking, even if that human treat is poisonous to canines. This applies to your morning cup of coffee. A daily dose of caffeine may be essential to your well-being, but the same can't be said for your furry companion. If your dog ingests coffee — whether in the form of beans, liquid, or grounds — it's important to take action quickly. That’s because the stimulant can raise their heart rate to dangerous levels. This is especially true for smaller dogs. Some symptoms of caffeine poisoning in dogs include panting, vomiting, restlessness, elevated body temperature, and abnormal heartbeat. Like some substances that are toxic to dogs, a minuscule amount of coffee won't kill them. So if you catch Fido stealing a couple of laps from your mug, it's best to monitor the pooch for signs of illness instead of rushing to the vet right away. The situation is more serious if your dog gets into coffee grounds or coffee beans, which have a higher concentration of caffeine than brewed coffee. So, if you catch your dog with the morning's coffee grounds from the trash, you should contact your vet immediately or call the pet poison helpline before the dog's condition worsens. If a doctor determines your animal is in danger, they can induce vomiting or administer fluids or activated charcoal to absorb the toxins.