When Disneyland Banned Male Guests With Long Hair

Up until the late 1960s, long-haired male visitors to Disneyland were stopped at the park gates by cast members who politely informed the guests that they didn’t meet the standards of Disneyland’s (unwritten) dress code and, therefore, would not be allowed to enter the park. Disneyland’s appearance code for employees — instituted in the 1950s — prohibited male cast members from sporting mustaches, beards, or long hair. When the code was first implemented, facial hair was perceived as conveying a negative image to many Americans, who associated beards and mustaches with beatniks and hippies. Disney’s philosophy was that customers preferred park workers to be wholesome and well-scrubbed, so the same restrictions were placed on park guests. Faced with manpower shortages at their American theme parks, in early 2000 Disney modified their policy to allow male cast members to sport neatly-trimmed mustaches.