West Point Students Get Paid To Attend School

Every year, thousands of high school graduates choose to attend a military academy instead of a traditional 4-year college. The choice not only provides students with the opportunity to earn an excellent education, but also the opportunity to train and commission as an officer in the United States military. Applying to West Point Academy is a very extensive process. Students interested in applying should begin the process in their junior year of high school, submitting their candidate questionnaire no later than the summer before their senior year. Once they complete the questionnaire, students must then secure the nomination from their representative, senator, or the Vice President of the United States. Those who are chosen become Cadets and go through four years of school. There’s just one difference in West Point Academy and traditional schools: students don’t pay to attend — they GET paid to attend. A first-year Cadet earns more than $900 a month, and the amount increases each year. A portion of the Cadet’s pay is deposited into a personal checking account, while the remainder is deposited into a “Cadet Account” to help pay for expenses such as uniforms, books, a computer, activity fees, etc. Each cadet pays a standard amount for laundry, dry cleaning, haircuts, tailoring services and shoe repair. A cadet's gross salary is subject to federal and state withholding taxes and Social Security deductions.