Utah Family Transforms Home Into Life-Sized Gingerbread House

A Utah home is drawing the attention of passers-by after being decorated to resemble a life-sized gingerbread house. Virginia Hoffman said she realized a few years ago that her red brick home in the Yalecrest area of Salt Lake City bears a striking resemblance to the Christmas season treats, so she started thinking of ways to decorate the home as a gigantic gingerbread house and enlisted the help of her family to make her vision a reality. Hoffman, an interior designer by trade, and her husband, a professional artist, added vanilla wafers into the mix for this year's decoration. The yearly d├ęcor has proven popular with neighbors, and this year's version went viral online after Hoffman's daughter shared photos on Reddit. "I hope that if it can just put a smile on anyone's face, if it can just help a little bit, a little Christmas cheer, that's the whole goal. It will all be worth it," she said.