UK’s Most Infamous Width Restriction Keeps Wrecking Cars and Making People Angry

Woodmere Avenue in Watford, UK, has become world-famous for a width restriction made up of six steel posts after videos of cars crashing into it started going viral online. On March 24, 1980, local authorities in Watford decided to combat the practice of using side streets through the city’s residential areas to avoid traffic lights by installing what would eventually become the most hated width restriction in the United Kingdom. The steel posts limit the width of vehicles that can pass through it to 7 feet, which for a lot of motorists has proven too narrow. Despite countless complaints from local angry residents, the width restriction has endured and recently achieved worldwide notoriety. The soaring popularity of the width restriction can be attributed to a local resident who installed a Ring doorbell facing toward the restriction and caught a series of crashes on camera. He started posting them on a dedicated Facebook group, and before long a compilation videos of car crashes were doing the rounds online and getting picked up by major news outlets. Local authorities have begun discussing alternatives, but nothing has been made official so far.