The Man Who Correctly Predicted He Would Die In a Mercedes

Camille Jenatzy was a Belgian race car driver known for breaking the land speed record three times and being the first person to break the 100mph barrier. NIcknamed “The Red Devil” because of the color of his beard, Jenatzy predicted that he would die in a Mercedes. Although he had been in many races and broken many land speed records, it wasn’t racing that took him out. On Dec. 8, 1913, Jenatzy was hunting when the decided to prank his friends by hiding behind a bush and making animal noises. One of this friends, believing he had cornered a wild animal, fired, striking Jenatzy. When his friends realized he had been shot, they loaded Jenatzy into a Mercedes and rushed him to the hospital. Unfortunately, he bled to death en route, fulfilling his own prophecy that he would die in a Mercedes.