The 10-Minute Song That Became a Hit Because of Its Place in the Alphabet

It happens to us all the time. We plug our phone into the car stereo’s USB port and we’re greeted with the first song listed alphabetically on our playlist. We frantically search for the smartphone settings trying to shut it down, or we punch the car’s dashboard out of frustration. That’s why Samir Mezrahi came up with a better solution: A song about nothing. "A a a a a Very Good Song" is 9 minutes 58 seconds of absolute silence. When the news hit social media, the response was amazing. People were singing Mezrahi's praises and and calling him a genius. Mezrahi said he came up with the idea because he grew tired of hearing Taylor Swift’s “All You Had To Do Was Stay” fire up every time he started his car. The reason he deserves the title of “genius” is because he uploaded the song to iTunes and charged 99¢ per download. The track is a likely target for Apple to remove because it can be interpreted as a prank, but Apple also gets a cut, so the likelihood of that happening is slim to none.