People Are Buying “Radioactive” Jewelry to Protect Themselves From 5G

5G is the latest network of wireless technology. It’s used to transmit data between appliances like mobile phones and Bluetooth devices. It works by producing a type of energy called electromagnetic radiation and uses higher frequencies than previous wireless networks, making it faster and more efficient. Now, there's concern about how 5G affects our health.

From pendants like the Quantum anti-5G (pictured above) to bracelets and even sleep masks, the Internet is full of accessories that can allegedly protect wearers from 5G technology. While there's currently no scientific evidence that 5G is harmful to human health, there are plenty of people willing to spend their money on protective gear, just to be safe. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? You just end up with a useless product, right? Well, no. Apparently, by wearing this kind of jewelry, you can actually expose your body to demonstrably-harmful levels of radiation. In fact, the Netherlands Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection recently banned the sale of various so-called “anti-radiation” and “anti 5G” wearables that turned out to contain radioactive materials. The problem is that products tested by the Dutch authority are designed to be worn constantly and are in very close contact with the skin, which makes them more dangerous. Although many of these accessories are described as “anti-radiation,” they appear to have the opposite effect, exposing wearers to radiation. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 5G technology emits non-ionizing waves that, unlike radioactive materials, don’t damage DNA. They also don’t cause COVID, as some early-pandemic conspiracy theories claimed. Of course, this is the same WHO that lied to the world about China’s initial coverup of the Coronavirus outbreak, so believe what you will.