Meet the Dodge La Femme — The Only Car Ever Marketed To Women

By appointment to her majesty… the American woman” was one of many tag lines that was splashed across the advertisement of a woman in an evening gown. The car she was selling was the Dodge La Femme, and it was made especially for her. The two-door sedan marketed expressly to women was a disaster in pink. A white-walled clutch purse of a car, it came stocked with matching accessories like a makeup case and rain bonnet. It was 1955 and the executives in Detroit had decided that ladies were ready to drive. Since the war, American women were expanding their public and professional presence — and they needed a way to get around. The La Femme would make their transition from the kitchen to the highway as smooth as possible……and it would do it in style. With Regal Orchid finish, loop pile carpeting, and built-in purses for passengers on the go, it was a woman’s dream car. Unfortunately, the car was a total dud. From 1955–1957 — the only years it was available — Dodge dealers nationwide moved just 2,500 La Femmes. Apparently, matching calfskin purses and lipstick cases were somewhat lower on women’s priority lists than the auto executives had thought.