Experts Baffled by Goose That Lays Eggs With Black Yolks

Photos and videos of eggs with black yolks that were reportedly laid by a goose have been making the rounds on social media and leaving experts scratching their heads. The intriguing photos and videos of the black eggs were posted on the Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo last week by a man named Zhu from Hangzhou City, in China’s Zhejiang Province. He claimed that the eggs came from a friend of his who kept many geese on his farm, and who had gifted him batches of normal goose eggs before. Only this time, what looked like ordinary eggs of standard size and the typical white color on the outside turned out to be somewhat of an oddity. When cracked, the eggs revealed a clear egg-white, but a black yolk, instead of the normal yellow or light orange. Zhu explained that the eggs had all been laid by the same goose, and that, except for the yolk color, they smelled and looked like ordinary goose eggs. Apparently, neither he nor the owner of the goose had any idea why the yolk was this bizarre color. It’s been suggested that perhaps the goose had eaten too many mulberries, which are known for their high melanin content. When a poultry expert was asked to provide a potential reason for the black yolk, he said the only thing he could think of was environmental pollution, adding that, scientifically speaking, such a phenomenon shouldn’t occur. China’s Academy of Agricultural Sciences has expressed an interest in studying the black yolks.