Creepy Doll-Filled Balcony in Caracas Looks Like the Set of a Horror Movie

The “Balcony of the Dolls” is an eerie landmark in central Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. It consists of a large balcony lined with old doll heads that seem to follow people with their eyes as they pass by. The two-story building has captured the imagination of both locals and visitors to the city. Going past the Balcony of the Dolls during the day is creepy enough, but doing it at night, when there is hardly anyone around, it’s downright creepy. Throw in some rain that makes the dirt and soot run down the doll’s faces like black tears, and you have the makings of a real-life horror scene. While it might sound macabre, there’s nothing scary behind it. The balcony is the creation of local visual artist Etanís González, who owns the house and has turned part of it into a museum. The balcony is merely one of his many art installations. The creepy installation was inspired by the friendship González developed with Jesús Poleo, a Caracas driver who has a truck decorated with dolls. It took González three years to complete the balcony, attaching each doll head by hand. While some neighbors attempted to force the family to take the doll heads down, most have embraced the display as nothing more than a piece of art.