Australian City Council Plans To Ban Cats Unless They’re On a Leash

Cats may be banned from walking around freely in Fremantle, Australia, in the near future. That’s because the City Council wants to ban all cats from city-owned and managed property unless they’re on a leash. Natural bushland areas, verge gardens, median strips and street trees, which are considered wildlife refuge, would be included too. The move to ban the cats from roads is also to save them from being hit by vehicles. The proposed amendment, which could affect the 750 cats registered in Fremantle, will now be drafted by city officials before going to the council, which will decide if it's to be advertised for public feedback. Feral cats have been a long-time concern for the Australian government, which says they roam in more than 99% of the country’s landmass. Feral cats are seen to be a potential threat to 74 mammal species, 40 bird species, 21 reptile species and 4 amphibian species and are responsible for the loss of 1.4 billion native animals every year.